Monday, June 7, 2010

Freeze Pop Holders

Who doesn't love a freeze pop? Every kid I know, including my husband, is obsessed with them! My kids could eat them every day from here on out and never think twice about it.
I found an idea on a blog ( I can't recall where it was, so when I find it I'll be sure to link it here) that had the awesome idea of making freeze pop holders. My son was SO excited to make these with me. He loved how it really helped his hands stay warmer while eating his favorite treat.

I made some to share with his cousins as well. I just used two pieces of felt, and glued them together around the sides and bottom, leaving an opening at the top to slide in the freeze pop. I just measured it using the freeze pop itself. If you actually SEW you could sew these together, but I don't know how so I hot glue everything :).
These would make great party favors for the summer!

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