Friday, September 9, 2011

He sees the gas station even if we don't!

Kaeden (my 6 yr. old son): {As we're driving down 141 highway last week} MOM!! The van is on E! We need to get gas now! What if we run out of gas? What will we do? We'll have no gas! How will we get home? What will happen? Who will help us? Find a gas station!!!

Me: Kaeden, chill! I know where the gas station is, we're going to make it there fine. Just calm down. Don't worry about it. It's fine! Think about something else.

Kaeden: But mom, I see the gas light! It's on! Please find a gas station!! Hurry!

Me: Why are you so worried about the gas? My goodness, just stop worrying about it. We are going to be fine. Chill!

Yep, my son is an anxious child. There are some things he cares less about, and then there are other times when he's awake at night because he is worried a meteor may crash into our house while we're sleeping (I'm serious people).


Do you ever think God is looking at us, telling us to "chill"? He sees the "gas station", the light at the end of the tunnel, the way out, the season passed, whatever it is, and he's telling us to just be still and not to worry. I kept thinking - why would Kaeden be so worried? He knows I'm an adult and I'm not just going to not know the gas tank is empty. I see it!

God sees everything. He knows everything. He created it for Pete's sake! Do you ever think that He's looking down at us and seeing us with our minds running frantically because we can only see the here and now, and He sees the whole entire timeline and He's thinking - Don't worry - you can't see it all but I can. I know that this season will pass, and I know what is in and on your heart. Just stop worrying and be still. Enjoy your time instead of wasting it wondering "what if".

We are a dot on the timeline. There is so much to come. Good things. Believe it, and then maybe your feelings will follow.

Have a blessed day everyone.

To God be the glory.


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Anonymous said...

fear is a spirit, Emily. It is trying to control your child's emotions. Authority you have as a daughter of the Most High, can tell it to leave, and not to come back.
I stumbled upon your site - you are SO wonderfully talented! Thank you for sharing your gifting of art!
I do not wish to sound forward, but read the epistles in the Bible, highlite those that tell you who you are in Christ...meditate. Any questions, or prayers needed, feel free to email is in your subscription list.
In Him,
Cheryl K.