Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ending the day on a positive note with your kids

I started doing something about a year ago with my son, and I'd love to share it with you. Are there days when you feel like all you do is yell at your kids? Please tell me I'm not alone :). There are times when I think-"Did I tell them they did a good job today? Did I make them feel good? What will they say they remember of me when I'm gone?"
I bought a super cheap journal, and decided that every night, I'd write to my son in it. I tried to write in plain, capital letters so he could sort of "read" it (he's not reading yet but he's getting the idea of letters/sentences etc.).

I just write in the form of a letter, telling him some positive things about the day, trying to be as specific as possible. It makes us both feel awesome to end the day on such a positive note. Besides, I'll keep these journals forever and he'll be able to look back on them someday. So cool.
You know how I know he likes it? Because he begs me to do it, and smiles everytime I read it back to him, and I found this in one of the pages in his journal :).

I haven't been doing well at keeping up with this journal, so as I post this, I'm jumping back into it and starting it up again. This needs to become an every night occurance here.

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