Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Are your kids bored? Need some FREE entertainment? My five year old son is really creative. He and I made this really fun play area that kept him busy for the entire day!

We just used painters tape (you could also use regular masking tape) and marked off areas for his spaceships and airplanes to land on our kitchen table. Yes, I let him crawl all over it to use it :). It was basically a space center. If this isn't interesting to your little one, you could do a car garage, roads, a map, buildings, a zoo etc.

He used a marker to make lines along the tape for the roads and runways. Then he went to town with his wooden blocks and those really cool clicking blocks - not sure what they are called.
He told me he needed clouds for his spaceships to fly around, so we got out the foam and cut out some clouds! We used string to hang them from the lights. Later, we added some black lightening and even a tornado!

We are having the most awesome weather here, but I know it will end VERY soon. I'm always looking for good indoor play ideas so if you have any you'd be willing to share, please do!

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