Monday, October 18, 2010

Have you ever wanted to try to make your own clips for your little girl, but weren't sure if you could do it? You can!!
I totally spent the afternoon making these baby hair clips! They were super easy to make, and a lot of fun. I found some ideas here, here, and here for inspiration. I'm so excited to make some of these for my nieces for christmas!!!
I used ribbon for some, and felt for others. I'm anxious to get creative and make some new, fun combinations and designs with them. Look closely to the photo below - there is glue everywhere and it's not that straight. Imperfection at its best!
These are really great for my daughter who has very fine hair like me!
You basically make a "sleeping bag" for the clip. I glued everything because I'm in love with my hot glue gun.
Here are the ones uncovered, and covered so you can see before and after.
Here is one of the felt ones on my daughter. She NEVER stands still so getting a good photo of her was impossible.

If I can make these - you can too! I have no patience for this kind of stuff, and I actually really enjoyed it. All you will need is a glue gun, some clips, ribbon and maybe some felt. I love having a girl! :)

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