Friday, September 24, 2010

Chore Charts

So, I've been obsessing lately about the chore chart thing. Here's the deal. I am a perfectionist. Not necessarily in the way things have to LOOK perfect, but I have an issue with making things WORK perfectly. It's a huge problem I have, and I'm so trying to stop this! I've been praying about it a lot because seriously, nothing is perfect and I need to just get over it. I end up stressing out about the dumb stuff and have to remind myself daily, sometimes hourly, that it's not about that. I am working on the imperfection stuff. I am clearly not perfect, I just hate when stuff isn't efficient. Know what I mean? I don't want to change it 437 times, I just need it right the first time, ya know? THAT is what I'm working on....this is not my first chore chart I've made....Oh, dear, I need help! :) Ok, here are my thoughts on the chore chart.
I want to have something that my kids can physically look at and move around, and see when their chores are done, and what needs to be done next. I wasn't sure how or if I wanted to do rewards. I do think some things like computer time etc. in our house are "privileges". I think when they are a little older, I'll start to pay them for some chores, but not all. Some are expected to be done, but I'd also love for my kids to learn the value of a dollar!

At first, I made this. I printed the words/design onto magnet paper, cut them out, and put them in this framed magnetic thingy I had sitting around (don't ask me why - a project I never finished from something else). Then, I looked at it, and realized I had nowhere to put it on my walls! Duh! ZERO wall space left in my kitchen to put back to the drawing board I was....

I went to my local craft store (Hobby Lobby) and found this ready-to-finish woden thing. It sits on a turn table so it spins all the way around. I painted it black. Kinsley has one side and Kaeden has the other.
Then, I printed some chores onto paper and mod podge'd them on to little wooden squares which I also found at the craft store. I didn't do very well - there are wrinkles all over it, but hey, it's NOT supposed to be perfect! :) I attached the chores to some craft sticks.
Now, the yellow things you see sticking up in there are going to be the "priveleges" or something like it. I don't really know yet.

Basically for right now, the chores need to be done before any priveleges happen, or we go anywhere etc. So, overall I think I've got something very good going, although my son doesn't seem to think so. I may have passed on my perfectionism to him as well...shoot! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, or how you use chore charts at home!


Gramma Melanie said...

I think this looks great! Smart thinking :)

Jen said...

I've been here girl! With four kids and that mean exponential dirt per kid, chore charts for use didn't work. Kids got sidetracked with the magnetic board, the younger ones moved the wrong pieces or just for fun. Then I invented a cool thing that my "stick-um" started losing it's stick so I took it down but it was by far my best idea. (maybe revisit that than I'll share ;)). Then, moved on to a list stuck to the door that worked per say until a friend needed the inspiration of 30 min bible, 30 min piano, 30 min clean, homework in her home. Anyway, delegation is annoying, a bit guilt ridden but it's the best way. (No you don't sound nagging that just the enemy making us think that.) Once the oldest child is trained then they boss around the younger ones too which is helpful. Haha! But I love your scripture on the box because we know that's the best. I always say, "Word hard as unto the Lord" a million times a day. I need to swallow that my attitude when I am worn out! What are your top chores? Mine for 6 yrs and younger: make bed, brush teeth, brush hair, take care of dog, pick up toys.

Emily said...

Jen - right now I'm just doing these chores right now:
make your bed
brush your teeth
say your bible verse (memorizing)
feed the fish

i think that's it - i can't remember..i may add take out the trash to the list too. i know what you mean about nagging...i figure i would rather deligate then nag! do you do rewards for your kids?