Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm so excited to be working on my son's room! My kids are away at their grandparents house this weekend, so I've had all kinds of time to work on this project. My son is going to be thrilled! I love that little guy :). I really hope he likes this.
I put these prints above his dresser.

I was at Menards and found this metal thingy that goes on shelving. It was $3.44. I immediately thought of hanging it on the wall for photos with clothespins. Works great!

I hung up the "Catfish" canvas by his window, and started painting some backyard creatures all over his wall.

This is a shadow box frame that I glued a few goodies form my husbands tackle box into. Then, painted a ladybug crawling on it :).

I'm not done yet. I have to spray paint a couple more things, but I'm getting there. I hope this gives you all some sort of inspiration for projects in your home! I'm trying to use things I have around the house instead of buying new. It's a fun challenge!


Amanda Taborga said...

i think it's so cute! i have thought about doing that kind of thing to andres room, and have a great 'idea' about making a tent over his bed...kind of like the girls do with the sheer fabric, but with a heavy flannel to resemble a pitched tent. i hope to some day get it all done! looks great!

peter marie said...

So cute!! I love all those bugs on the wall...I'm sure it will keep him entertained for hours. Great job!