Monday, April 26, 2010

Forest Theme Playroom

I have been working on this project for awhile now, and it's been driving me nuts that it isn't finished! I'm mostly done with the kids' playroom. Here is what I did!
I am making it a forest theme. The kids each get their own house in the forest.
I glued birdhouses (after I painted them white) to the ends of a curtain rod. I plan on hanging their artwork from this rod.....need to get some clips for that. I made the bird by using mod podge, tissue paper and a polystyrene ball. Then I glued on wings, and button eyes.

The pond that my son wanted me to add so badly is made from felt, then glued to the wall. That's right, I glued it! The fish, ducks and frog can be moved around however he wants. My 16 month old is particularly obsessed with this!

I added some embellishments like wooden doorknobs, and wood signs onto their houses.

I may still add some sky and clouds at the top, but for now that wall is finished! I plan on adding some more final touches to this playroom for my forest theme, including using some of my forest trees fabric to make some pillows with. When I'm done, I'll be sure to add pictures!

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Jen said...

You have been so busy! I really like it...the pond is my favorite! So cute Emily!