Monday, March 29, 2010

Painted Magnetic Message Board

I really enjoy sharing some of the projects I'm working on here at home. I've gotten a few emails from some other moms who have been inspired to plunge into design and crafting and I just want to help inspire others as well. It's fun to share ideas and help each other find a creative outlet. It has really been my life savor as a stay at home mom.

This is what I worked on today. Yesterday I went to goodwill and found this white, magnetic board originally from IKEA. I thought about covering it in fabric, but wasn't sure if I wanted to. Then I just whipped out a black paint pen and went to town.....I sprayed a coating of matte varnish over the top to protect it, and then hung it up on my wall.

I was really happy to see that it came with black and white magnets to go on it -which I may cover anyway but not sure yet.
I'm thinking I may add a painted frame around it (black) or something of the sort since it is just kind of floating there and needs some anchoring. But, it was really fun to paint, and there is just something about a paint pen that I love! Kind of like the same love for a permanent marker, ya know? :)


peter marie said...

Love it!!

Oh yes, I LOVE a good sharpie. I could doodle with them all day long! :)

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

That's totally cute!!

Emily said...

Thanks ladies!