Friday, June 12, 2009

Pardon my camera - I'm getting a new one very soon. This one takes horrible pictures.
Above is a mat that I decoupaged with some scrapbook paper that I cut to create this design for my daughter's room. Now I just need a picture for it!
Here is a hairbow holder thingymajig....hmm, it's kind of busy with all those polka dots....maybe I'll fix that....

I hung these two canvases in my kitchen. The one on the top has prints of my 3 year old son's hands, and the one on the bottom is my 6 month old daughter's feet. I think they are pretty darn cute myself!
I just did this canvas last night. Trusting is something I'm learning to do more of these days!

So, I've been up to some artwork lately around here! I have some digital orders to fill, but I've recently gotten my real paintbrush back out to mess around a little. Every once in a while I just HAVE to paint something! It's therapy.
Check back soon cause I'm gonna have a giveway!


Almay Alday said...

Love all your artwork! I really like your TRUST one!

kim* said...

its always fun to dress up the walls

gramma Melanie said...

Cool! I'd like them all, please! ;)